RIRU Sulut

Regional Investment Relations Unit

Regional Investment Relations Unit (RIRU) of the North Sulawesi Province has been established in cooperation between Local Government of North Sulawesi and Bank Indonesia Regional Office of North Sulawesi since 2015. The main objective of RIRU is to manage the positive perception from related stakeholders toward region, while the main function of RIRU is to promote and communicate potential investment in the North Sulawesi region.

RIRU also actively communicate about the Indonesian economic policy, regional macroeconomic condition, and information about investment opportunity in North Sulawesi through its presentation book, as well as addressing concerns of investors particularly investors of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Furthermore, RIRU also be responsible for providing a prompt responses on the inquires or concerns raised by the investors through email, telephone and may arrange direct visit to potential investment project in North Sulawesi Province.

Contact Us

Hermina S. D. Korompis (Head of Investment and One-Stop Integrated Service Agency North Sulawesi Province)

Phone +62811436060

Citra Putri (RIRU Secretariat)

Phone: +6285299371005